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Oakbrook Foot Care

Oakbrook Bunion slide procedure A bunion, that bony protrusion that can occur at the base of your big toe where the joint attaches to the foot, may look little but it cause pain and discomfort that’s much bigger. At AFP Podiatry Lombard, we are pleased to offer safe and effective treatment with the bunion slide procedure. […]

Oakbrook Podiatrist

Swedish technique for bunions in Oakbrook Are you constantly suffering from a large bump on your biggest toe that often rubs against your shoes, feels warm, and appears to be swollen? Believe it or not, this problem may be more severe than you realize. What often looks to be a simple sore from a pair […]

Bunions Treatment in Lombard

Foot Doctor in Lombard Are you suffering from painful swelling around your big toe every time you get through your work day? The ache your feel is more than just an annoyance, but is in a sign fact a medical condition requiring professional help. Bunions can often start small, as a mild ache or soreness […]