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Oakbrook Bunion Treatment

Bunion Slide Procedure in Oakbrook Are you struggling with symptoms of bunion development? Have you noticed a bulge coming out from your big toe, and that your big toe tends to lean in towards your second toe? These are common symptoms associated with bunions. You might also notice redness, irritation, and pain surrounding the affected area. […]

Schaumburg Bunion Slide Treatment

Bunion Slide Procedure in Schaumburg Here at AFP Podiatry Roselle, our Schaumburg bunion slide treatment is known for being one of the most effective treatment methods for this common foot issue. If you are unfamiliar with the condition, a bunion is the development of a bony bump coming outward from your big toe area. The main […]

Treating Bunions in Norridge

Bunion Slide Procedure in Norridge Here at AFP Podiatry Norridge, treating bunions in Norridge is one of our main specialties, mostly because the development of bunions is such a common occurrence. Here, we use a technique called the bunion slide procedure that has proven to be highly effective for our patients. Firstly, it is helpful to […]