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Podiatrist in Schaumburg

Schaumburg Bunion Surgery There are plenty of individuals who end up experiencing some kind of foot pain or discomfort. This is usually the result of using our feet often, wearing particular footwear or it may be the result on an injury. One particularly common issue that people experience are bunions and our podiatrist in Schaumburg […]

Schaumburg Foot Doctor

Bunion Doctor in Schaumburg Are you suffering from a painful bunion on one or both of your feet? Bunions can not only be extremely painful, but they also can greatly restrict the type of shoes you can wear. Our doctor, Dr. Phillip Forni is an expert and highly-trained specialist in the area of bunion treatment. […]

Bunion Doctor in Oakbrook

Bunion Slide Procedure in Oakbrook Here at AFP Podiatry – Lombard, our bunion doctor in Oakbrook, Dr. Forni, is here to help you heal your feet and walk comfortably again. Bunions are one of the most common issues that we diagnose in the patients that visit us here at AFP Podiatry – Lombard. A bunion […]