Shaving Warts Away

Warts (Verruca Plantaris) are caused by the Papovavirus and live in the epidermal layer (outer layer) of the skin. Numerous treatment options exist because none of the options are foolproof when it comes to treating a virus.

Shaving is a good surgical option for warts that are resistant to other therapies. This procedure is usually done in the office, but it can be done as an outpatient at the hospital or surgical center. Shaving usually requires only one treatment visit in comparison to multiple visits for acid therapy. Under local anesthesia, the wart is gently shelled out/shaved away from the skin surface. The remaining site is treated with topical medication to kill remaining virus particles. Usually, a 5-10 minute treatment is all that is required. Post-op care is similar to treating a superficial burn or blister.  Children and adults do well with this procedure.


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