Pain in the large toe called the Hallux is never normal.

The hallux is composed of two bones called the distal phalanx and the proximal phalanx. The toenail lies over the top of the distal phalanx. The proximal phalanx articulates with the distal phalanx and with the long first metatarsal. When you stand on your toes, the hallux bends upwards at the first metatarsal-phalangeal joint (MTPJ).

Pain in the first MTPJ may be due to:


Rheumatoid Arthritis

Traumatic Arthritis



Hallux Rigidus

Functional Hallux Limitus

Metatarsus Primus Adductus/Elevatus

Excessive Pronation

Traumatic injuries

Sprains or torn ligaments

Turf Toe

Stress Fractures

Flat Feet

At AFP Podiatry, Dr. Forni will evaluate the alignment of the bones and joints in your foot and ankle with his clinical examination and X-rays. He will watch and assess the range of motion and joint function with diagnostic ultrasound. Combined with his experience he will come to the correct diagnosis and the best treatment options for your condition.

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