3-D  (Triplanar Bunion Deformity Correction)
In March of 2018, Dr. Forni completed the initial training on the new Lapiplasty bunionectomy, which uses special instrumentation and improved surgical technique.  Since his initial training, Dr. Forni has received advanced training covering the latest innovations in instruments and surgical techniques.  The new procedure was designed by TREACE MEDICAL CONCEPTS, INC. The Lapiplasty is an improvement on the old traditional Lapidus bunionectomy procedure, which has been used for decades on moderate and severe bunion deformities. The new surgical equipment makes the procedure easier to perform, allowing fine-tuning of the bunion correction. Because the surgical correction is so stable early ambulation is permitted and encouraged. Dr.Forni is double board certified and has performed over 1000 bunionectomies.
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