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Oakbrook Bunion Treatment

Bunion Slide Procedure in Oakbrook Are you struggling with symptoms of bunion development? Have you noticed a bulge coming out from your big toe, and that your big toe tends to lean in towards your second toe? These are common symptoms associated with bunions. You might also notice redness, irritation, and pain surrounding the affected area. […]

Swiss Internal Fixation Technique for Bunions

Schaumburg Podiatrist Is it difficult for you to walk for long periods of time without developing foot pain? Are you having problems finding attractive and comfortable shoes that will fit your developing bunion? If so, you should make an appointment to visit our Schaumburg Podiatrist, at AFP Podiatry – Norridge, and have your bunion problem […]

Treating heel pain in Oakbrook

Oakbrook Foot Doctor Heel pain makes it very difficult to walk or even stand if it is severe enough. When you need help, think of us at AFP Podiatry. What you want is a specialist, and our foot doctor is exactly that. You can look forward to relief for your discomfort when we’re treating heel […]