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Podiatrist in Schaumburg

Schaumburg foot specialist Do you have pain on the inside of your foot at the joint of your big toe, especially when wearing shoes? Is there swelling, warmth, and redness at the joint of your big toe? Does the large toe joint have stiffness or pain with less motion than the second-toe joint? Then you […]

Oakbrook Bunion Treatment

Bunion Slide Procedure in Oakbrook Are you struggling with symptoms of bunion development? Have you noticed a bulge coming out from your big toe, and that your big toe tends to lean in towards your second toe? These are common symptoms associated with bunions. You might also notice redness, irritation, and pain surrounding the affected area. […]

Bunion Slide Procedure

Bunion Surgery in Oakbrook Foot ailments can be a major concern, especially since many of us use our feet every day. There are plenty of different issues that arise concerning foot health and development, and it is often important to have any foot problems looked at by a foot doctor or podiatrist in order to […]