Bunion Slide

The BUNION SLIDE is a favorite procedure by Dr. Forni to correct mild, moderate and arthritic bunion deformities.  A small, cosmetic incision is made on the side of the foot, out of direct sight.  A simple directional osteotomy, bone incision, is made near the anatomical neck of the first metatarsal, well behind the first metatarsal- phalangeal joint.  After completing the osteotomy the bone and the joint are slid back into the best position and stabilized with standard internal fixation.  This simple procedure allows the metatarsal bone to be: lengthened, shortened, elevated, lowered, or moved closer to the other metatarsals. In most cases, a combination of directions is used to slide the great toe joint into the best functioning anatomical position.  When the osteotomy site is stable and the surgical bandage offloads the weight to the surgical site, the patient is allowed to walk.