Swedish Technique for Bunions

Schaumburg Podiatrist

Is it difficult for you to walk for long periods of time without developing foot pain? Are you having problems finding attractive and comfortable shoes that will fit your developing bunion? If so, you should make an appointment to visit our Schaumburg Podiatrist, at AFP Podiatry – Norridge, and have your bunion problem addressed once and for all.

At AFP Podiatry we provide the highest quality of ankle and foot care to minimize pain and to improve our patients’ quality of life. Our Schaumburg podiatrist, Dr. Phillip L. Forni, DPM, specializes in treating foot and ankle problems of all types, including bunions. A bunion is an alignment problem involving the first, or big toe. With a bunion, the big toe joint bone, and one of the five foot bones, begins to drift away from the other four metatarsals. This causes the foot to become wider. A series of events happens regarding the foot, resulting in a bunion. Shoes do not cause a bunion problem, however heredity can play a major role. A person will not inherit a bunion, but they can inherit the foot structure that can lead to the development of a bunion. Low arches, flat feet, or excessive pronation can all lead to bunion development.

Our Schaumburg podiatrist looks for signs and symptoms associated with bunions such as: pain on the inside of your foot; swelling of the big toe joint; and stiffness or pain in the large toe joint. There are both conservative and more advanced bunion treatments. Conservative treatments can include: wearing special shoes; taking anti-inflammatory drugs and cortisone injections to stop pain and inflammation; and using custom made orthotic devices. Surgical options can be used if all other options fail to relieve the pain and swelling, and your day-to-day activities become difficult to perform. Our doctor can employ a surgical Swedish technique effective in fixing bunions. It is a type of minimally invasive surgery that leaves no visible scars. It allows for less pain, minimal swelling, and allows the patient to immediately use their foot for bearing weight. This surgery does not require that you wear a cast or even use crutches. Our patients can even wear a gym shoe on the operated foot within two weeks. If you are interested in having your painful bunion finally and completely taken care of, contact AFP Podiatry – Norridge, for an appointment with Dr. Forni.

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