Bunion Slide Procedure

Bunion Surgery in Oakbrook

Foot ailments can be a major concern, especially since many of us use our feet every day. There are plenty of different issues that arise concerning foot health and development, and it is often important to have any foot problems looked at by a foot doctor or podiatrist in order to get the proper treatment. Here at AFP Podiatry Lombard, our podiatrist Dr. Forni can help when it comes to treating foot issues, including bunions. If you need or are considering bunion surgery in Oakbrook, Dr. Forni can help provide a diagnosis and may be able to perform a bunion slide procedure to help you get back on your feet.

Bunions are not at all uncommon, but the severity of bunions often differs from person to person. A bunion is an issue with the alignment of the first or the big toe where the joint of the big toe begins to drift from the rest of the foot’s joints. In a normal foot, all of the joints in the toes of the foot are close together and relatively parallel, resulting in parallel toes as well. When the big toe joint begins to drift away, it widens the forefoot and often causes the big toe to become more perpendicularly aligned with the rest of the toes. This means that the big toe may overlap or lead into the second toe. Often, the widening of the forefoot can make wearing shoes increasingly difficult and uncomfortable. This widening may also cause increased friction and create even more foot problems like corns and other growths. Sometimes, bunions can be treated by changing footwear or with simple therapy, but bunions can become so severe that surgery is needed. Bunion surgery in Oakbrook can be performed by Dr. Forni here AFP Podiatry Lombard and involves moving or sliding the joint back into place.

The ease of the bunion slide procedure allows Dr. Forni to realign your joint in whichever direction is necessary with minimal invasiveness. If you are suffering from a bunion, call us here at AFP Podiatry Lombard to discuss your options, including bunion slide surgery in Oakbrook.

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