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There are plenty of individuals who end up experiencing some kind of foot pain or discomfort. This is usually the result of using our feet often, wearing particular footwear or it may be the result on an injury. One particularly common issue that people experience are bunions and our podiatrist in Schaumburg here at AFP Podiatry Roselle can provide patients with bunion surgery if necessary.

It is important that you consult a podiatrist whenever you are experiencing any kind of foot pain or discomfort. Our podiatrist in Schaumburg, Dr. Philip Forni, specializes in a variety of foot related issues and conditions, including bunions. A bunion is a problem with the alignment of the first toe. In a normal and healthy foot, all of the toes are parallel with one another. A bunion forms when the bone and joint of the big toe begin to drift away from the smaller toes and their joints. As a result, the big toe itself will begin to point inward and will no longer be parallel with the other toes. In fact, the big toe may overlap with the second toe. For patients who are dealing with bunions, the biggest concern is usually the pain involved with the joint of the big toe that is now jutting outward. This can make wearing any kind of footwear incredibly painful. The friction experienced when walking with any kind of footwear will usually make the bunion worse. If you believe that you have a bunion and that it is getting worse, then please visit our podiatrist in Schaumburg here at AFP Podiatry Roselle. Dr. Forni will be able to provide bunion surgery for patients who have more serious forms of this condition. Some people may be able to treat their bunions by simply switching the type of footwear that they wear, but other people may not be able to do so. In this case, our podiatrist can help realign your toe and put the joint back into its original location in order to make walking in any kind of shoe as comfortable as it used to be.

If you believe that you may have a bunion or if you have a bunion that is noticeably getting worse, then please visit ourĀ podiatrist in Schaumburg as soon as possible. Here at AFP Podiatry Roselle, Dr. Forni will conduct a thorough examination and provide you with a diagnosis. If necessary Dr. Forni will begin your bunion surgery as soon as possible.

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