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Treating ankle sprains in Norridge

We rely on our legs and feet every day, and we may not realize just how important they are when it comes to our everyday lives until we sustain an injury of some kind. Suffering from a foot or ankle injury or accident can stall your everyday routine so it is imperative that you seek the best medical treatment possible in order to get back to your normal, everyday life. Here at AFP Podiatry Norridge our Norridge ankle sprain doctor, Dr. Philip Forni, can help make sure that your ankle heals properly and can have you back on your feet in no time.

If you suffer from any sort of serious injury, it is important that you see a doctor or a specialist as soon as possible. Failing to do so may interfere with the healing process and may even cause more serious issues to occur further down the road in life. An ankle sprain is certainly hard to ignore as this sort of injury can be quite painful. If you stretch, twist or otherwise use your ankle unnaturally, such as stepping on it the wrong way, an ankle sprain can occur. The twisting and trauma experienced by your ankle bones can tear or strain the ligaments located on the outside of your ankle. If an ankle sprain goes untreated, the torn ligament may not heal properly and will instead lead to a long-term issue that remains persistent throughout the rest of your life. To avoid this, you can visit ourĀ Norridge ankle sprain doctor here at AFP Podiatry Norridge. Dr. Philip Forni will thoroughly examine your ankle, determine the level of damage it has sustained, and provide you with a diagnosis. The results of this examination will inform the chosen treatment methods or avenues that Dr. Forni believes will be best to take.

If you have suffered from an ankle injury of any kind, including an ankle sprain, then do not hesitate to seek the help of our foot doctor here at AFP Podiatry Norridge. Our Norridge ankle sprain doctor will provide you with the comprehensive care that you need in order to heal fully and properly.

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