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Are you suffering from a painful bunion on one or both of your feet? Bunions can not only be extremely painful, but they also can greatly restrict the type of shoes you can wear. Our doctor, Dr. Phillip Forni is an expert and highly-trained specialist in the area of bunion treatment. So if you are in need of a great podiatrist, visit our Schaumburg foot doctor at AFP Podiatry – Roselle for the very best in bunion care.

A bunion is actually an alignment problem of the first, or big, toe and the foot. The toe joint associated with a bunion is called the first metatarsal-phalangeal joint. A bunion occurs when the first metatarsal bone drifts away from the other toes, metatarsals, and causes the foot to become wider. Many people believe that bunions can be inherited but this is not the case; you do however inherit the foot structure that can lead to the development of bunions. Also, wearing tight shoes does not cause bunions, but they can make a bunion get worse. Bunions can be caused by: foot injuries; arthritis; neuromuscular disorders; or congenital deformities. If you stand or walk a lot, you will also be more likely to develop a bunion. Should you have a bunion, it is good to know that your Schaumburg foot doctor can provide excellent bunion treatment.

Bunions can cause pain on the inside of your foot; swelling of the big toe joint, or stiffness or pain in the big toe joint. Wearing the right kind of shoe can help ease the pain of a bunion. Dr. Forni may sometimes provide anti-inflammatory drugs or cortisone injections to ease the pain in acute cases. Sometimes orthotic devices are prescribed for foot pain relief. Finally, in the most severe cases when bunions interfere with your daily activities, Dr. Forni may recommend surgery to relieve the pressure on the big toe joint, and to return the joint to its normal position. There are two types of bunion surgery. In the first type, a bunionectomy involves shaving off the enlarged portion of the bone. The second type of surgery, an osteotomy, involves stabilizing the bone in place with internal fixation. Just about all foot surgery is performed on an out-patient basis. So if you suffer from a bunion, there is no need to. You can call today to make an appointment with our Schaumburg foot doctor, Dr. Forni, at AFT Podiatry.

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