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Heel Pain Treatment in Oakbrook

Are you suffering from heel pain? If so, you will want to visit Dr. Phillip Forni, at our office, AFP Podiatry – Lombard, for appropriate diagnosis and care. Heel pain is a common problem that can be successfully treated by a variety of methods. A visit to our Oakbrook podiatrist will be a great first step toward fixing this painful problem.

Heel pain can be caused by many different reasons. It can be caused by a heel spur; a stress fracture; tendonitis; arthritis; nerve irritation, or sometimes even by a cyst. It can also commonly be caused by abnormal walking gaits that put too much stress on the heel bone. It can also result from an injury received while walking, running or jumping on a hard surface, wearing poorly built shoes or by being overweight. Excessive pronation can cause heel pain, by creating an abnormal amount of stretching and pulling on the ligaments and tendons associated with the heel bone. If you are experiencing heel pain, and want to know its cause, visit our expert Oakbrook podiatrist, Dr. Forni. He will be able to determine the exact cause of your heel pain, and let you know what can be done to make it better. As you can see, there are so many factors that can cause heel pain, and appropriate diagnosis is crucial for effective treatment.

Children between the ages and 8 and 13 also commonly experience heel pain as they participate in spots while their bones mature and grown. When pain at this age occurs, you will want to visit our Oakbrook podiatrist so that the growing bones can be protected from further wear or damage. Also Dr. Forni will be able to provide pain relief for your adolescent. Some tips to help avoid heel pain are: wear shoes that are supportive and fit well; wear proper shoes for any sports activity; don’t wear shoes with excessive wear on heels; warm up before exercising; and lose weight if you are obese. When you experience heel pain it may be helpful to: keep your shoes on around the house; begin an exercise program slowly; purchase good fitting shoes; don’t go barefoot on hard surfaces; do not attempt to exercise if you are in extreme pain. Instead, contact our office to make an appointment with our Oakbrook podiatrist so you can have an expert evaluation of your heel pain, and then receive the appropriate treatment.

Heel Pain Care in Oakbrook
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