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Oakbrook Bunion Slide Technique

Dealing with foot problems can be a hassle. Many people use their feet every day and their ability to complete these everyday tasks may rely on their ability to get from place to place with ease. If you have any foot issues, such as bunions, it can be difficult to do these things without having problems. Bunions can be painful and can make wearing shoe and using your feet more difficult than it has to be. Here at AFP Podiatry in Lombard, our Oakbrook foot surgeon can help provide you with the treatment you need and help you get back on your feet in no time.

A bunion can be annoying to deal with. Bunions typically form from wearing shoes that are too tight for your foot, but are not always the underlying issue. Genetic predisposition usually has something to do with it. They can also be the result of arthritis, a foot injury, neuro-muscular disorders, or congenital deformities as well. No matter what the cause is, bunions develop the same way. The toes of the feet are meant to be parallel to one another, but a bunion forms when the joint of the big toe moves outward and away from the rest of the toes, causing the big toe itself to turn inward to the other toes. This could mean that the big toe and second tow overlap or are nearly on top of one another. Since the joint is moving outward, the foot becomes wider, making it more difficult or even painful to wear shoes. Some bunions may require surgery to fix completely and our Oakbrook foot surgeon can help provide you with a bunion slide procedure to rectify the problem. This method is used to correct mild, moderate and arthritic bunion deformities of the foot.

In simple terms, the bunion slide procedure helps slide the joint of the big toe back into place, hence the name. If you have bunions that need treatment, all you have to do is call us here at AFP Podiatry – Lombard and schedule an appointment with our Oakbrook foot surgeon Dr. Forni today.

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