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Dealing with foot issues can certainly be a hassle. When it comes to foot issues, not only are they inconvenient in general, but they can interfere with your everyday routine by making walking and getting around a bit harder than it was before. Bunions are a common foot issue and can also become a major concern for some people. If you are looking for a Norridge bunion surgeon to help you with your foot issue, our podiatrist here at AFP Podiatry – Norridge can provide you with the Swedish technique for bunions that will help get you back on your feet faster and will yield better results.

A bunion is an alignment issue involving the first toe, which is also known as the Hallux or big toe, and the foot itself. In a normal foot, each of the toes should be straight and parallel to one another, including the big toe and its accompanying joint, also known as the first metatarsal-phalangeal joint. In the most common form of a bunion, this particular joint will begin to move outward and away from the other toes and their adjoining joints. This causes the toe itself to instead point inward towards the second and other toes instead of lying straight and parallel to these other toes. One of the most common causes for bunions are tight shoes that constrict the feet and toes for long periods of time, but is not the underlying role as heredity plays a major part as well. Bunions can also be the cause of foot injuries, arthritis, neuro-muscular disorders, or congenital deformities. No matter what the cause of the bunion, surgery may be necessary for more severe cases. Here at AFP Podiatry, our Norridge bunion surgeon, Dr. Philip L. Forni can provide patients with a revolutionary Swedish technique that can hide incisions, reduce scarring and yields little swelling and almost no pain.

With the Swedish technique used by our Norridge bunion surgeon, you will also experience little healing time versus weeks or months of healing so you can get back on your feet in no time. If you have bunions, call us here at AFP Podiatry – Norridge to get the treatment that you need.

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Norridge bunion surgeon

Norridge bunion surgeon