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Do you suffer from toes that curl around each other, making it difficult for you to walk or stand comfortably no matter what pair of shoes you wear? Hammertoes can occur on any of the small toes of your body, and can rub often irritably against shoes and each other to cause swelling, blisters, and even open wounds without proper care. If you live diabetes or any other medical condition which affects your ability to circulate blood, your body is in even more danger than you realize. Fortunately, you can always find the care you need for hammertoes at your local Roselle foot specialist of the AFP Podiatry.

Foot Pain Doctor Roselle

Foot Pain Doctor Roselle

A hammertoe happens when the muscles and ligaments adjacent to the joint of the toe become out of balance, causing the pair to cease to function properly together. This causes the middle joint of the affected toe to curl and eventually become trapped in this position. Any toe that curls instead of buckles, such as the baby toe, is considered to be a hammertoe. While hammertoes can happen to any toe on any adult, women are more prone due to hammertoes due to heels and other footwear more common of the female gender. However, this is not the only cause of hammertoes. A hammertoe can be caused by a simple genetic inheritance that is not from your toes, but the cause of feet which are either very flat or have a very high arch which requires special support to walk comfortably. Injuries to the toe due to any type of ill-fitting shoe can push your toes out of balance to cause permanent damage without care. Arthritis can also cause hammertoes over time due to increased stiffness of the joints of the phalanges. Hammertoes are diagnosed in one of two types depending on the state or severity of the problem. Flexible hammertoes are those which can still be moved at the joint, allowing for numerous treatment options at this early stage of development. Rigid hammertoes cause the toe joint to simply press out of alignment, and cannot be moved at the joint any longer. Hammertoes of this severity most often can only be treated through surgery by your professional Roselle foot specialist.

No matter what type of level of hammertoe you are currently suffering from, you can always find the care you need at your neighborhood Roselle foot specialist. Our fully licensed and professionally trained team at the state of the art practice of the AFP Podiatry proudly serve your local community with the latest advancements in foot care technology and procedure, with a personalized touch for the best care possible for your unique problems. With the AFP Podiatry, you can put an end to unsightly and uncomfortable hammertoes for good.

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