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We rely on our feet probably more than we realize. They help get us from place to place and they help us complete daily tasks with ease. It is easy to forget just much we depend on our feet until they begin to cause us pain or discomfort. Walking, running, and being active can put a lot of stress on our feet and some conditions can form such as calluses or corns. These corns can be painful, especially when walking and wearing shoes. But here at AFP Podiatry, our Lombard foot doctor, Dr. Philip L. Forni, is here to help ease the problem and get you up and walking again.

Foot Pain Lombard

Foot Pain Lombard

Corns are a type of callus that forms on the toes of your feet when the bones push against your shoe, thus putting pressure on the surrounding skin. There are generally two different types of corns. A hard corn is usually located on the top of the toe or on the side of the smaller toes. A soft corn usually develops between the toes and more closely resembles an open sore. These types of corns are usually the result of the toes rubbing against each other in the constrained space of a shoe, not from rubbing against the shoe itself. The skin thickens, creating a callus, to protect the area of skin from constant friction, but that does not mean the area is immune to pain. Sometimes a blister can form from rapid irritation, but if the irritation is more gradual and chronic a callus can form instead. Here at AFP Podiatry, our Lombard foot doctor can help treat this condition.

Typically, treatment involves the removal of the source of irritation and can sometimes be helped with the use of orthotic inserts. If a bone spur is the cause of the corn, then the bone spur will be removed. Sometimes, the site of a callus can be in a problematic location such as on a hammer toe. If this is the case, the hammer toe surgery may be required. Proper diagnosis and treatment is available here at AFP Podiatry. You can rely on our Lombard foot doctor to provide you with the personalized care you need.

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