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We rely on our legs, knees, ankles and feet everyday to get around. Using these body parts is so commonplace that we may fail to recognize just how much our limbs do for us to help us get from place to place to place easily and comfortably, that is until an injury hits. Taking care of your legs, including your ankles, can not only help you get back on your feet but can ensure that you will be able to rely on your legs for years to come. Leaving ankle fractures and sprains untreated can lead to further, chronic problems, but here at AFP Podiatry, our Norridge ankle doctor can help.

Ankle Pain Norridge

Ankle Pain Norridge

As reliant as we may be on our legs, and our ankles to keep them working comfortably, they can still be pretty fragile. Ankle sprains are fairly common and can occur for a variety of reasons. Typically, this condition can be brought on by trauma to the ankle or an unnatural twisting of the ankle. Both of these occurrences pull on the ligaments located on the outside of the ankle, leading to a sprain. If an ankle sprain goes undiagnosed and untreated, it can worsen and lead to life-long conditions and problems. An ankle fracture is more serious, but that doesn’t mean that sprains should not be considered an important medical issue. An ankle fracture can occur due to the same reasons as a sprain but cause cracks in the bone either incomplete or complete. These can also be caused by overuse and misuse of the ankle as well. If an incomplete fracture is not treated, it can easily escalate and become a complete fracture, which will require casting and subsequent immobilization. Both of these conditions can leave your ankle very weak, making it susceptible to further injury. Our Norridge ankle doctor, Dr. Philip L. Forni, is here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Here at AFP Podiatry, our Norridge ankle doctor can make sure that your ankle injuries heal properly and have you up and walking again in no time. If you experience any strange signs or symptoms, including pain or discomfort, then schedule an appointment with us at AFP Podiatry today.

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