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If you have bunions, whether they are just forming or if you have lived with them for some time, simply visit our Roselle podiatrist here at AFP Podiatry. Bunions can occur for any number of reasons, though regardless of the cause is none the less painful or unsightly. These enlargements form when the bone or tissue, located on a joint, moves out of place. This forces the toe to bend inward toward the other toes of the foot, causing a painful lump to form on the outer bone of the foot. Since bunions form on the joint of the foot that bends when walking, these actions including running or jogging can become incredibly painful. Shoes can also make the problem more complicated by further constricting the foot and putting more pressure on the affected area. Bunions typically occur in those who have poor foot bone structure and often occur in young adulthood, growing worse as you age. But you don’t have to live with the side effects.

Foot Specialist Roselle

Foot Specialist Roselle

Bunions can develop from poor foot structure or even weak foot and ankle support. Sometimes, bunions can develop with painful arthritis. For people who have problems with the lengths of their legs, it is usually the longer leg that sees the formation of bunions. Additionally, women are more likely to develop this foot condition than men are. This is often due to the shoes some women wear; high-heeled or pointed toe shoes can move the toes into this awkward position over time and with extensive use. If you feel a tenderness or pain on the inside of your foot near the toe joint, if you notice redness or swelling at the spot or even if you feel numbness, you may very well have a bunion. Our Roselle podiatrist can help treat you here at AFP Podiatry. We can prescribe specific shoe types and shapes that will help support your foot and ease pain, create personalized unique orthotic devices for your foot and prescribe medications for the pain and discomfort.

Surgery is even available for more serious cases of bunions. The two most common types of surgery include a bunionectomy or an osetotomy. A visit with our Roselle podiatrist here at AFP podiatry can help determine which treatment method will work best for you and help relieve your foot pain.

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