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Many people live with flat feet. Adults and children alike have dealt with symptoms and conditions ranging from mild to severe, affecting function and affecting the way they live out their daily lives. Having flat feet is not merely an issue when it comes to dancing as the old saying may suggest, but it can impede on walking, running, or any other activity due to the way weight is distributed across the foot. Some people are able to live with the inconvenience while those with more severe flat foot problems can experience intense pain when merely walking across a room. If you have any form of flat feet or if you believe you or a member of your family has it, then don’t hesitate to visit our Norridge foot doctor at AFP Podiatry today.

Norridge Foot Pain

Norridge Foot Pain

Flat feet are passed down genetically. While it is always a tossup as to whether certain traits will carry on in children, if both parents have foot and ankle problems, the probability of the child developing them as well significantly increases. There is no way to prevent this condition from happening but you do have options when it comes to treating it. First, schedule a visit with Dr. Philip L. Forni here at AFP Podiatry. Our Norridge foot doctor will examine the foot in question to see if abnormalities in the alignment of the foot, ankle and lower leg are present. Your foot may look normal when it is resting but can appear flat when it is bearing the weight of your body. This is where flat foot issues stem from. The improper balance and distribution of weight affects the foot, ankle and lower leg, causing pain. Here at AFP Podiatry, Dr. Forni can provide you with custom-made orthotic devices to help with your pain and discomfort. Once Dr. Forni has examined your foot and lower leg, he will be able to determine which orthotic device will be right for your treatment and will begin designing your custom piece.

Don’t let flat feet keep you from living your life comfortably. Schedule a visit with our Norridge foot doctor, Dr. Forni, here at AFP Podiatry today.

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