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There are plenty types of foot pain. Many people work and go about their day on their feet, and excessive use, abnormalities, family histories, the types of shoes you wear, and any number of factors can all contribute to foot pain and discomfort. If you have ever experienced a burning, tingling or numbing feeling in your foot between your toes, then you may have a foot condition called neuroma. Some foot pain is more than just being tired from working and walking on your feet all day, and may require medical attention. If you have experienced any of these symptoms, then feel free to schedule an appointment with our Lombard podiatrist here at AFP podiatry.

60148 Foot Pain Specialist

60148 Foot Pain Specialist

Neuroma is a common issue that can occur between the base of the toes and the ball of the foot. Usually, this condition occurs between the third and fourth toes. This simply occurs from walking. When the toes bend upward with each step, the outer layer of the nerve in the foot can rub against the ligaments. This repetitive motion causes the outer layer of the nerve to thicken, making it more noticeably uncomfortable with increased irritation. This condition occurs most often in women who wear high-heeled shoes or narrow-toed shoes since the shape of the shoe forces the foot and toes into awkward positions. Neuroma often becomes worse with more activity but the pain and discomfort can lessen with rest. But there are other treatment options and our Lombard podiatrist, Dr. Philip L Forni, can provide you with the proper care here at AFP Podiatry. Upon visiting Dr. Forni, he will provide you with a clinical testing to tell you if neuroma is, in fact, present. He will squeeze the ball of your foot from side to side and also push up towards your third and fourth toes. If you experience intense pain or there is a clicking sensation, then you have neuroma.

When it comes to treatment, our Lombard podiatrist, Dr. Forni, can create a unique orthotic instrument to help ease the pain, prescribe you cortisone injections, suggest physical therapy or even prescribe surgical removal. Don’t let neuroma stand in the way of living comfortably and visit us at AFP Podiatry today.

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